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About the Library: Visitors

Learn more about the Langston Hughes Memorial Library.


Visitors to Langston Hughes Memorial Library


Below you will find our standard visitor information...

The Langston Hughes Memorial Library is pleased to welcome visitors from the general public to use the library and its resources for research purposes. We are fortunate to have an extensive collection of books on a variety of subjects and disciplines. Please contact the library via email or phone at 484-365-7367 prior to your arrival so that we can discuss your needs and make Public Safety aware of your upcoming visit. Upon arrival on campus, you will stop at the security station and provide your name as well as campus destination.  

Visitors are welcome to apply for a library card.  A valid state issued driver's license or photo identification card with current mailing address is required.

Note:  Holidays, campus activities and unforeseen situations could arise that might alter our standard visitor practice.  It is suggested that you always call ahead to be sure we are here/



Below you will find our standard information for visitors:

Visitors are requested to park where directed by Public Safety.  Should a  parking pass be issued by Public Safety, you should place in on your dashboard so that it is easily visible during the entire time you are on campus.