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Computer Science: Home

A research guide emphasizing the field of Computer Science.


This research guide is designed to provide help locating materials in the fields taught in the Department of Computer Science, which studies "the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems" ( Courses are available to every level of student, from the Computer Science major to the relative beginner and can culminate in earning a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.  Opportunities for on-line tutorials and instruction are plentiful.

Library of Congress Classification for Computer Science

Class Q (Science) Subclass QA (Mathematics)--QA 71 through QA 90 is dedicated to instruments and machines (including software).

Class T (Technology) Subclass TK (Electrical Engineering)--TK 7800 through TK 8360 is dedicated to electronics, with TK 7885 through TK 7895 dedicated to computer engineering and computer hardware.

Research Databases

Computer Science: Special Topics