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ENG-413 01 3 Senior Seminar: Home

These courses focus on reading, discussion, and research, the summation of which is a twenty five to thirty page thesis in one of three areas: English, American or nonwestern literature.

This guide is designed to provide you with resources that allow you to choose a time period and genre of study for the research assignment. Once you have formulated your research question, you will move beyond these initial sources to explore your topic in-depth through scholarly sources.​ Use the OPAC (online public access catalog), online databases, and interlibrary loan to locate scholarly sources on your topic.


Academic Integrity & Works Cited

Understanding Plagiarism

Citation Formats

Citing Images in a PowerPoint presentation

Literary Terms

Literary terms are helpful to use when describing and analyzing a writer's work, including voice, technique, and style.


While close reading a text, it will be useful to look up the definition of words to further unpack meanings. In addition to these dictionaries, you might also consult physical dictionaries that are appropriate, including dictionaries of African American English or dictionaries from the original language if you are working with translations.  ​