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Basic Information Literacy: Citation

Quick tip!

If you are using one of the databases remember that the database will give you the exact citation for the article!  Use your resources!

How do I cite?

What is a citation?

A citation...

  • describes a book, journal article, website, or other item
  • gives credit to the originator of an idea
  • enables the reader to access the cited item.

You must cite a source that you are using if you paraphrase or summarize any of the ideas given in the work AND if you use a direct quote from the resource (word-for-word).  Citations are not just for word-for-word quotations; they must be used when you mention any ideas or information from a source.

Websites to help your citations...

Citation Manuals

Every discipline has their own citation style, however, every person/professor is different and they may have a preference for a different citation style, or prefer that you use an older format for citations.  The books below are examples of the texts that can assist you with properly citing your sources.