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Why Writing is Important

Check out this article that discusses the importance of excellent writing skills in today's workplace. Reproduced from University of Pennsylvania's Smeal College of Business, Business Career Center. Article by Jordan Conrad.

How Strong Writing Skills Benefit Your Career

In a technologically driven world, many students no longer see writing as a relevant skill to their career path. This mistaken view, unfortunately, leaves students who fail to take writing seriously in college at a disadvantage after graduation.

Are Writing Skills Necessary?

As it turns out, writing skills are incredibly important in the modern workplace, no matter your major.

National surveys of business indicate that 82 percent of employers list the ability to communicate effectively as very important. When hiring recent college graduates, employers place the greatest priority on a “demonstrated proficiency in skills that cut across majors.” Writing skills near the top of the list. ...(continue reading here).

Featured Site: National Writing Project

"Writing is the currency of the new workplace and global economy, but more importantly, writing helps us clarify ideas, solve problems, and understand ourselves and our changing world. With writing, we each can leave our mark on the world today and reach toward the future."

The Writing Process


Reproduced from Library Guide for the Writing Center hosted by the University Libraries/University of Alabama. 

University of Illinois--Information Cycle

The Undergraduate Library at the University of Illinois hosts an Infographic and YouTube video that describes how news worthy events change over time. Following the timeline below, where this information can be found is also described. 

The Day of an Event

The Day After an Event

The Week or Weeks After an Event

Six Months to a Year or More After an Event 

A Year to Years After an Event

Featured Site: Writing Spaces

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing is a book series containing peer-reviewed collections of essays—all composed by teachers for students—with each volume freely available for download under a Creative Commons license. Writing Spaces aims to build a library of quality open access textbooks for the writing classroom as an alternative to costly textbooks.

Featured Site: Writing Habits