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ILO 2: Technology & Information Literacy: Rubrics

Which TYPE of Rubric Do You Need?

Before you  decide what parts of the ILO you are focusing on when choosing a rubric, you must also decide what TYPE of rubric you need.  The TYPE of rubric can be decided by asking: What do I plan to use the rubric for?  There are multiple varieties of rubrics that you may use to evaluate students.  The two main types of rubrics in practical use at universities are Scoring / Assignment Rubrics and Developmental / Assessment Rubrics.

For instance Lincoln University uses Developmental / Assessment Rubrics to assess student development from novice to master (1-4) in the ILO areas, and this is the rubric used for assessment.  You may use a rubric for assignments in your 100 level course, however, they likely will not developmentally "master" the ILO until a 300 or 400 level course.

Scoring / Assignment Rubrics

When to use a Scoring / Assignment Rubric?

  • For an individual assignment within your course
  • For particular sections of an assignment
  • To grade students on the assignments

How do I know when a Rubric is to be used for Scoring / Assignments?

  • The categories have grades or points attached
  • The descriptions are detailed and countable
  • It is for a particular assignment or course

Scoring / Assignment Rubric Example

Developmental / Assessment Rubrics

When to use a Developmental / Assessment Rubric?

  • For assessing the development of students within the context of a discipline
  • When asked to use a rubric to gauge student development over a long period of time
  • Evaluating students on mastery of a broad skill set

How do I know when a Rubric is to be used for Developmental / Assessment Rubrics?

  • The categories are holistic or very general
  • The wording is focused on larger skills that should be built over a long period of time
  • It is meant to be used across multiple disciplines, courses, or colleges

Developmental / Assessment Rubric Example