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Resources for Music and Dance: Church Music Sites

Resources for the academic areas of Music and Dance, both online and print. Includes databases, links to scholarly, trade, and popular websites, and information on searching for print materials using the Library of Congress system.

Hymnals and Hymn Collections

To browse the shelves for hymns and hymnology at the Langston Hughes Library, use these guidelines:

Hymnology: BV301-BV590

  • This area includes books with words only (even though tunes are indicated), and books which discuss hymn writers and the origin and meaning of hymns.

Hymnals and Hymn Collections: M2115-M2146 

M2116 - Christian, published in the U.S. through 1820

M2117 - Multi-denominational and non-denominational, mainly in English, 1821-

By denomination (U.S.):

  • M2119 - Catholic
  • M2120 - Orthodox

Protestant (M2122-2132)

  • M2122 - Baptist
  • M2123 - Congregational
  • M2124.A-Z
    • M2124.C55 - Christian Reformed
    • M2124.D7 - Dutch Reformed (Ref. Church in America)
    • M2124.G3 - German Reformed (Ref. Church in the U.S.)
  • M2125 - Episcopal
  • M2126 - Lutheran
  • M2127 - Methodist
  • M2128 - Moravian
  • M2129 - Mormon
  • M2130 - Presbyterian
  • M2131.A-Z - Other denominations
  • M2132.A-Z - Multi and non-denominational hymnals (U.S.) by language, A-Z

"It's for church; why do we have to follow copyright laws?"

Copyright laws, in a nutshell

Websites about music and copyright

LOC's take on copyright

Practical examples of compliance and non-compliance

"Fair Use" 

Other Popular Sacred Music Websites

Free Recording Software--Links


GarageBand for Mac (Apple applications only)

Subject Headings for the Study of Hymns

Examples of topical subdivisions:

Other subdivision examples (linguistic, historical, geographic)

Hymn tunes (works about hymn tunes) Collections of hymn tunes without accompanying text are entered under Tune-books.

Other related subject headings:

Hymn writers Sunday Schools--Hymns
Advent hymns Women hymn writers
Easter hymns Canticles
Funeral hymns Te Deum Laudamus (Music)
Lenten hymns Old Hundredth (Tune)
Epiphany hymns African American Churches--Hymns
Shape note hymnals Christian Reformed Church--Hymns
Bible-Use in hymns Moravian Church--Hymns
Revivals--Hymns Anabaptists--Hymns

Sacred Song and Hymn Databases and Websites is an online hymn and worship music database for worship leaders, hymnologists, and amateur hymn lovers. At you can search or browse hymns by title, tune, meter, key, scripture reference, and more.

Center for Church Music

JSTOR--Interdisciplinary but heavy emphasis in the humanities (including music). JSTOR includes only full-text articles from peer-reviewed journals. Most journals in JSTOR go back to the early 1900s (and some well into the 1800s), but recent issues (past 3-5 years) are not covered.

Sacred Music Publishers and Retailers

J.W. Pepper is based in Exton, Chester County PA, and has retail locations nationwide, providing sheet music, recordings, and performance aids for everyone from the student to the professional.

Association for Christian Retail







Professional Organizations in Church Music

NAfME--Based in Reston VA, this is a national advocacy group for Music Education, Pre-K to college, providing resources for Music Educators and those who train them.

Gospel Music Association--Sponsor of the DOVE awards, this Nashville-based organization is an advocacy group providing resources and support for gospel musicians of all kinds.

National Association of Pastoral Musicians--based in Silver Spring MD, this is an advocacy group providing resources for sacred musicians working in the Catholic tradition

Association of Lutheran Church Musicians--based in Valparaiso IN, this is an advocacy group providing resources for sacred musicians working in the Lutheran tradition.

CMUnited--Formerly called Christian Songwriters, this group provides resources for composers, lyricists, and arrangers of Contemporary Christian Music.



Sacred Music Composers born after 1960

Sacred Music Composers born between 1900-1960

Sacred Music Composers, 19th Century

Healey Willan

Charles Villiers Stanford

Hubert H. A. Parry


Sacred Music Composers, 18th Century

Sacred Music Composers, Antiquity to 1699

Hildegarde von Bingen




Gabrieli, Andreas

Gabrieli, Giovanni

Vivaldi, Antonio


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