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Reimagining the legacy: Lean. Liberate. Lead

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Lincoln Legacy

Definition: Lincoln Legacy represents the intention of the University to highlight the institution’s rich historical development, alumni achievement, and the role of people of African descent and their ongoing global impact.

Outcome: Students will

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Lincoln's heritage and legacy through assignments and related academic experiences.
  • Participate in activities and demonstrate behaviors that are indicative of forwarding Lincoln's legacy.
  • Examine and describe the role of people of African descent and their ongoing global impact as it pertains to Lincoln’s hi

Guidelines for General Education Assessement

1. This rubric should be used for assessment. It is not meant to be used for grading.

You will be asked to report your assessment data in the Level 1-4 format. Any other reporting format (0-100, for example) will create an inconsistency in scoring and render the data invalid.

When using this rubric, it is not always expected that all categories on the rubric are assessed in a single assignment. Only report on the categories actually assessed.

Set expectations before you give an assignment. The expectations for how many students achieve at each level will depend on the level of the course. For example, 100-level courses may rarely have students in the Level 4 category, while higher-level courses will likely have more students achieving Level 4.

Ideally, General Education courses that have more than one section should use the same signature assignments and rubrics to assess an ILO in all the sections.

Collect data from as many sections as possible. For courses that have multiple sections, it is ideal to have a departmental assessment coordinator. The coordinator can then collate all assessment data.

It is the responsibility of the chair of the department (who may delegate to the assessment coordinator) to ensure that all adjuncts who teach General Education courses use agreed-upon signature assignments and collect assessment data.

For courses that offer multiple sections, submit data from as many sections as possible. However, if data is missing from one or two sections, simply state this in the narrative and give information for only the sections for which data exists.

Remember to collect artifacts (completed student assignments) for each level represented in your course. Artifacts should NOT have any student identifying information (remove names).