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ILO 4: Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement: Home

Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility (CESR) is a pedagogical approach in which faculty members and others collaborate to provide opportunities for students to partner with community-¬based organizations in order to confront ideas, issues, and aspira

ILO 4: Civic Engagement: Your Responsibility


Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement requires active participation in civic affairs and commitment to working with others to promote social change and improve
the quality of life on our campus, in our communities, and throughout the world.

ILO 4: Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement

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Learning outcome

Students will understand and utilize skills responsible for living as accountable, ethical, and contributing world citizens.
apply knowledge and skills from their own academic field to civic engagement and social justice

provide evidence of civic engagement activities and explain the personal and social benefit of community involvement