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Video Art: Home

A topical guide to support the Video Art class offered in the Visual Arts Program and its endless possibilities in today’s digital environment.

Video Art describes video art in the following way:

An art form involving the creative exploitation of video technology to produce videotapes for viewing on a television screen.

Video art can now be used as a broad term for the delivery of moving images for documentaries, fine art production, televised journalism, and gaming.

The knowledge and skills developed from using cameras, understanding lighting and incorporating sound can be used across all types of industries for creating moving visual imagery.

Video Art Gallery

Mickey Mouse Was a Scorpio, 2016

Artist: Arthur Jafa

Watch an interview here

Image reproduced from "Courtesy the artist and Gavin Brown’s enterprise."

Nantes, 1992

Artist: Bill Viola

View an interview here.

Image reproduced from

Perrotin from Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 2015

Artist: Paul Pfeiffer

View a talk here.

Image reproduced from

Resident Evil, 2016

Sondra Perry

Perry's website

Read & view an interview here.

Image reproduced from