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Graphic Arts: Institutional Resources for Images & Ideas

A topical guide to support the Graphic Arts (I-III) classes offered in the Visual Arts Program here at Lincoln University: ART 220, ART 320, ART 420.

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress houses a expansive collection of images in its Prints and Photographs Catalog.

Museum of Design Atlanta

MODA is the only museum in the Southeast dedicated exclusively to the study and celebration of all things design. Formed in 1989 as the Atlanta International Museum of Art & Design, MODA has grown and evolved over the years to become the Southeast’s only design museum.

Moscow Design Museum

"The Museum was founded in 2012 and it is the first museum in Russia specifically dedicated to design. The museum collects, studies, and preserves Russia’s design heritage, introduces the viewers to the best examples and main schools of international design, and presents Russian design abroad."

Hammer Museum


The Center houses more than 45,000 prints, drawings, photographs, and artists' books dating from the Renaissance to the present. 


The bulk of the collection consists of printed records created by and for AIGA, including exhibition catalogues and design annuals documenting the selections from AIGA competitions since 1915; newsletters and journals published by AIGA since 1922; AIGA conference materials produced since 1985; and flat files of prints, posters, publications, and more by AIGA Medalists and AIGA Chapters. The collection contains more than 2,500 unique items. Check out the AIGA Design Archives.

A Virtual Museum of Typography


Design Indaba

"Design Indaba is a multifaceted platform committed to a better world through creativity."

On their About page, Design Indaba describes the many facets they cover as a platform located in South Africa with a focus on African design.

Victoria & Albert Museum

A leading museum of art and design, housing a permanent collection of over 2.3 million objects that span over 5,000 years of human creativity. It holds many of the UK's national collections and houses resources for the study of architecture, furniture, fashion, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, jewellery, glass, ceramics, book arts, Asian art and design, theatre and performance.