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Featured Site: Voices from the Gaps

"University of Minnesota professors Toni McNaron (English) and Carol Miller (American Studies and American Indian Studies) founded VG/Voices from the Gaps in 1996 to uncover, highlight, and share the works of marginalized artists, predominately women writers of color living and working in North America. The pioneering site’s focus was largely educational, aimed at a diverse audience of students in secondary schools and institutions of higher education. Created just as Internet use exploded, VG reached a global readership and cultivated a collaborative and intercommunal group of scholars, students, educators, and women artists. ...(continue reading)"

World Literature II

This LibGuide is created with Dr. Samaa Gamie’s online summer A (5/24/21-7/03/21) course in mind: World Literature I (ENG-207)  Not strictly a class guide, it provides information about Langston Hughes Memorial Library's online research resources in the form of databases. Please feel free to contact us for research assistance through our LibAnswers service available:

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm 

Additionally, Interlibrary Loan is a way to get articles not available in our databases.