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Upward Bound: Cite


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What is a Citation?

A citation...

  • describes a book, journal article, website, or other item
  • gives credit to the originator of an idea
  • enables the reader to access the cited item.

You must cite a source that you are using if you paraphrase or summarize any of the ideas given in the work AND if you use a direct quote word-for-word from the resource.  Citations are not just for word-for-word quotations; they must be used when you mention any ideas or information from a source.

Online Citation Help

Keys to Avoiding Plagiarism

To avoid plagiarizing:

  • Paraphrase: put the ideas from the text COMPLETELY into your own words. Even when paraphrasing you must still use in-text citations as well as including it in the works cited section.
  • Use quotation marks around text that has been taken directly from the original source.
  • Cite every source of information you use in your paper unless it is common knowledge (i.e. the sky is blue) or the results of your own research.


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