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Resources for Music and Dance: Style Manuals and Research Tips

Resources for the academic areas of Music and Dance, both online and print. Includes databases, links to scholarly, trade, and popular websites, and information on searching for print materials using the Library of Congress system.

Which Style Manual Shall I Use?

In the unlikely event that your professor has not specified a particular style manual to you for use in their class, ask them again!

Whichever manual you use, make certain that is the most recent edition.  You may have noticed that there's a "References" tab on Microsoft Word which will format end notes, footnotes, and bibliography entries for the writer.  The caveat is that it may not be the most recent edition of the manual you want to use, so if you allow the computer to format your entries, you'll still need to check it against the most recent edition of said manual.

There are several manuals commonly in use in all colleges in the United States.  Two of them are particularly helpful for students of Music and Dance. 

For example, if your research concerns Music or Dance Performance, Music History, or Music Theory, we recommend Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations

Research on Music or Dance Education, Music Librarianship, Music Bibliography, the Music or Dance trade,  or Discography (recording libraries) should follow the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS).