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Resources for Music and Dance: Print Resources

Resources for the academic areas of Music and Dance, both online and print. Includes databases, links to scholarly, trade, and popular websites, and information on searching for print materials using the Library of Congress system.

Comprehensive Print Reference in Music

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians  (1980, 1 volume). Edited by  Nicolas Slonimsky. Biographical articles on men and women of Music, throughout the world.

Baker's Student Encyclopedia of Music (1999, 4 volumes). Compiled by Laura Kuhn. A hybrid of the Harvard Dictionary (which emphasizes defining musical terminology) and Groves articles in miniature.

New Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1980, 20 volumes). Edited by Stanley Sadie.  Also found in Oxford Music Online.

Harvard Dictionary of Music (2003, 1 volume)--a comprehensive book for musical terminology.

Specialized Print Resources in Music

American Song : Musical Theater Companion 1900-1984 (Two volumes, 1985).  Volume One is a show-by-show listing of every Musical Theater Production from 1900-1984, from long-running shows like My Fair Lady to one-night wonders like The Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall. Volume Two is a listing of people (role listed in italics) and songs, each cross-referencing a show in Volume One.

The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music (Six volumes, 1995). Entries encompass the genres of Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Soul, Rap, R and B, and Broadway, including both individual artists and groups. It features bibliographies by artist/group, subject, musical genre, a general index and a quick reference guide consisting of an alphabetical listing of all entries.

The New Oxford Companion to Music (Two volumes, 1984). The musical version of the Oxford Companion contains compact articles on a wide variety of musical information. A good reference when a dictionary definition isn't enough and Groves is too much.

Print Reference Sources Are Still Valid

It is true that many of the print reference items at Lincoln University are over 30 years old, and that newer editions are often available online. However, that does not diminish their importance as tools in Music and Dance research.  The articles in them were written by leaders in their respective areas of musical expertise.